Interaction through VR

As I was walking on the street I noticed a lot of people have gathered outside one of Microsoft’s shops. They all looked surprised and curious as to what experience could Microsoft’s VR headset offer.  Basically once you wear the headset you immediately feel that you don’t belong to this world. You get teleported into a world of endless possibilities as far as the experience goes. The headset makes you feel in a totally 3D environment depicting objects and surroundings so real and close that you can actually forget that you wear a headset or live in this world. Its totally immersive. All you need for it to work is a VR headset, a computer that interacts with the headset and some kind of controllers to manipulate movements. There is head tracking involved meaning that in whichever way you look, the screen mounted to your face follows you. There is also motion tracking, which tracks your movements based on your hands and body.

Having the ability to experience first hand VR, you get an idea of how the future can look like. There are a lot of ways you can use VR to either leisurely entertain you or to help you explore and create art and 3D models right in front of you, so close you touch and manipulate.

What i realized when looking at various people trying the VR experience was the way the moved around. They all seemed a bit scared in the beginning, thinking they might bump into a wall, but after a few steps and rounds they were able to feel more comfortable. The system actually warns you when you are near a wall or object. Another aspect that was taking people a bit more time to familiarize with was the hand movement that controlled all actions. Reality is that there is no actual time or limit for ones experience. Its all about you feeling ok with the interaction you get and your willingness to explore and experience.


3D Printing

Week 2

Model an object that is composed of at least 2 parts that fit together.

For this assignment the object that was chosen was a picture holder. Its consisted of a picture frame and a the holder for the frame.

The idea was to shape the frame so that it does have some curves and at the corners connect some spherical elements. In that way when you are adjusting the frame holder at different angles the picture will be able to stand easier because of its spherical ‘legs’.



It is possible for the frame holder to change shape and instead of being triangular to become more spherical at the bottom part.

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-1-42-50-am screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-1-55-19-am

At the upper part of the picture frame there is a slot thick enough to hold a picture and a glass on top of it.





2D Design

Design Analysis

The printed advertisement chosen was one of the many created for Guinness Beer at the time. It depicts a filled beer glass sitting on top of a turtle and stating one of their cliche slogans: “Have a Guinness when you’re TIRED”.


The concept behind the advertisement was to show that even a turtle can move faster and become “alive” after consuming a Guinness beer. We can clearly see the legs of the turtle as well as the body having a static animation representing running.

While attempting to grid the poster, we notice that it can be separated into four squares and the word ‘TIRED’ sitting in the middle row, while the rest of the text takes place adjacent of the beer glass and the turtle located on the lower part by it self.


The image can be separated furthermore into smaller boxes. Each one of them show the relationship of each element in comparison to each other.


The colors chosen where in contrast to each other. And the main idea was to separate the lettering from the image for a better portraying of the message Guinness wants us to see.


Finally the fonts used for this poster were FF Din Pro. The size and the thickness of the lettering varies in order to give emphasis on specific words and concepts. In this case ‘Guinness’ and ‘TIRED’.