Ballet Dancer

Getting to the end of the seven week course a lot of valuable material is being induced. I remember when we first started the Video & Sound course my knowledge was very limited and the confidence level was low in comparison to the different equipment and software learnt and used.
I can say with high certainty that getting out of the seven week course gave me the knowledge and confidence lacked in order to experiment more and get to apply more creativity and effort towards a next potential project.
For our final project (worked in pairs – Alexia Kyriakopoulou) we chose to make a small documentary about a greek ballet dancer who started from a small town in Greece and finally made it to New York. We wanted to give an impression of how a ballet dancer’s life can be highly demanding and at the same time rewarding. We portrayed her story from when she came to New York and how she is capable of succeeding at such a fast and challenging environment.
The process getting to the final cut was a long one. We had limited time to capture video and sound since the ballet dancer had a very hectic schedule. We managed to get some great shots all together and at some points improvise with different concepts on how a shot would affect the actual reality.
Looking back to the beginning of the process and the selection of scenes and sound, the improvement is quite spectacular. Getting all the different components needed to convert them to video and sound proved hard at the beginning but got successfully delivered at the end. That process alone gave me a great set of skills for any future endeavor in the field.

Below is the Final Project Video:


Expressing 3 days of my life through a series of photographs taken from various locations across. That composition worked very well and although the pretty moody, grey weather that New York offered us, I managed to get a pretty diverse palette of colors.
My pictures were taken from places such as galleries, museum, restaurants, metro, street and some apartments. So the way I could explain my life through colors is pretty mixed. I cannot draw any conclusions as to what my mood set was during these days. My day would start grey and turn into a multicolor scene.
Since I’m a person who cannot stay in one place for a long time, experiencing a wide array of feelings and emotions is eminent and thats what my photo canvas communicates. Colors that I would consider as very important for my life would be definitely not black and white. I would tend to be on the bright side of colors without having a preferred one.

Below is the process of which the transformation from pictures to a pixelized canvas takes place:






Took the Hue Test and all I can say is that I got dizzy by looking at my computer screen so intensely. Got a descent score though.