Is a project based on fabricating an enclosed box in the shape of a theatre which will consist of psychedelic and illusions elements.

The Box will be made out of wood and then painted in hippie, psychedelic colors. On the front there will be a big circular 3D printed circle which will consist of illusion patterns in the colors of black and white made out of acrylic. The circle will be mounted on to a motor that will continuously spin it. There will be a potentiometer attached in order to adjust the speed of the motor and thus the illusion circle. Next to the main circle on both sides there will be smaller circles that will be connected through gears and will as well turn simultaneously. On top of the box, a sign, carved in the lasercutter will read PsychoCircus and it will be painted accordingly to the theme. Lastly there will be a switch to turn on/off the motor. Everything is going to be controlled by an Arduino micro-controller.

  1. Designing the layout of the front view on illustrator:

2) Prototyping with Cardboard:

3) Testing to see how the gears will fall in place and how they will react.

4) Fabricating the enclosure for the spinning wheels.

5) Fabricating the spinning wheels made from acrylic and orienting them       in order to match up.

6) LaserCut “Psychocircus” lettering and assemble gears and spinning            wheels. Making sure to spray paint all wooden parts black.


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