Expressing 3 days of my life through a series of photographs taken from various locations across. That composition worked very well and although the pretty moody, grey weather that New York offered us, I managed to get a pretty diverse palette of colors.
My pictures were taken from places such as galleries, museum, restaurants, metro, street and some apartments. So the way I could explain my life through colors is pretty mixed. I cannot draw any conclusions as to what my mood set was during these days. My day would start grey and turn into a multicolor scene.
Since I’m a person who cannot stay in one place for a long time, experiencing a wide array of feelings and emotions is eminent and thats what my photo canvas communicates. Colors that I would consider as very important for my life would be definitely not black and white. I would tend to be on the bright side of colors without having a preferred one.

Below is the process of which the transformation from pictures to a pixelized canvas takes place:






Took the Hue Test and all I can say is that I got dizzy by looking at my computer screen so intensely. Got a descent score though.







2D Design

Design Analysis

The printed advertisement chosen was one of the many created for Guinness Beer at the time. It depicts a filled beer glass sitting on top of a turtle and stating one of their cliche slogans: “Have a Guinness when you’re TIRED”.


The concept behind the advertisement was to show that even a turtle can move faster and become “alive” after consuming a Guinness beer. We can clearly see the legs of the turtle as well as the body having a static animation representing running.

While attempting to grid the poster, we notice that it can be separated into four squares and the word ‘TIRED’ sitting in the middle row, while the rest of the text takes place adjacent of the beer glass and the turtle located on the lower part by it self.


The image can be separated furthermore into smaller boxes. Each one of them show the relationship of each element in comparison to each other.


The colors chosen where in contrast to each other. And the main idea was to separate the lettering from the image for a better portraying of the message Guinness wants us to see.


Finally the fonts used for this poster were FF Din Pro. The size and the thickness of the lettering varies in order to give emphasis on specific words and concepts. In this case ‘Guinness’ and ‘TIRED’.