How the interface will look like:


keypad numbers will correspond to Computer Letter on Keyboard.  Each Number will trigger a different function and create a sketch.

Potentiometer will correspond to the slider used in the sketch.
The slider controls the rate of the pixels coming from the camera.

Mouse will be used in combination with the keypad functions to further   create more illusions.

Some output that was created using all of the above features:









Final Project ICM

For my final project in ICM I chose to make a “dream machine”. Since a very early age I can remember myself having dreams, dreams that sometimes translated literally and other times metaphorically. It feels like having a second life somewhere further away where magic can occur at any given time.

For that reason I want to try and build a program where the user can interact with different options either through: creating objects, shapes, changing colors,  input sound or create their own sound, use video and finally play with different variations of text.
At the end of the interaction the user should have created a “dream” based on his preferences at the time. My intention will be for the user to feel like they are experiencing a live dream in a way. The “dream” should be at all times “moving” and not being a static one.  Lastly, the user can choose to save the document and/or email it to whoever they feel like, or even use the created “dream” and have it sent for VR viewing.

Some thoughts on the interaction menu:

  • Buttons and sliders for object/shape/size/color
  • Predetermined sounds choosing
  • Record Sound / Play your own
  • Record Video
  • Reset option
  • Save / Email option