Soft Robots – Material

Going to Material Connexion was a great experience and surely it was very full-filing to come across so many interesting and diverse materials. There were several choices that I would like to experiment with.

One material that I would like to discuss in this blog post is Clarino™ Synthetic Leather:

It falls under the category of Polymers. It is specifically designed for molding applications. Its very durable and stiff, and becomes even stiffer after molding. It is capable of being drawn to at least double its original dimensions. This material has no stretch in normal conditions but high stretch when heated, is thin, strong, highly abrasion resistant, dimensionally stable, can be precision cut and provides grip and protection.

Link to Material Connexion page:

It can be great to experiment with the discussed material and try to create molds that require more complexity and durability. The above material is manufactured in the United States by:

Kuraray America, Inc. -Clarino Division33 Maiden Lane, Suite 600-D

New York, NY

+ 1 212 986 2230

+ 1 212 972 6172


Mutsumi Saito

Sales Representative

+ 1 212 356 4253

+ 1 212 972 6172




Soft Robots – Imaginary Technology

Recently I got across a very interesting fish called blue tang surgeonfish. They’re found anywhere from New York to Brazil and they can grow up to 15 inches long. Having clear bodies helps conceal them from the predators.

It would be very interesting to use the blue tang’s see through advantage for technological purposes. Maybe we could use this fish as a live scavenger that could be intruding and live inside electronics and thus that way we can always have a see through “processor” and be able to know exactly whats going on inside things.